When the intestine causes problems.


In this examination, the entire colon is examined using a thin, flexible tube system (colonoscope). If changes in the mucous membrane, such as inflammation, are found, tissue samples (biopsies) are taken. Polyps (mucosal proliferation) can also be removed painlessly during the examination.


After the examination, a detailed discussion of the (preliminary) result takes place and you will receive a written report with a photo and a therapy recommendation.


All tissue samples must be analysed histopathologically. This evaluation takes an average of 4 - 5 days. You will receive the histopathological findings, including an explanation and any other therapeutic measures that may be required, by e-mail, post or during a personal appointment in the office.


All findings are usually forwarded to your referring family doctor.



In order to make the examination as pleasant as possible, there is the option of receiving a sedative / sleep-inducing drug (Dormicum® / Propofol) (sedoanalgesia). As a result, colonoscopy is usually painless and is hardly noticed.

Please note that you must not actively participate in road traffic for 24 hours after administration of this sedative / sleep-inducing drug!

A clean intestine is the prerequisite for a reliable diagnosis during colonoscopy.


You will receive a laxative (powder preparation) for bowel cleansing during a short initial consultation in the clinic, which you must take twice before the examination. The first dose is taken on the day before the examination (late afternoon), the second dose on the morning of the day of the examination.


Thanks to innovative preparations that only need to be dissolved in a small amount of liquid (150ml), bowel cleansing is a much smaller burden for patients today than a few years ago.


However, the required amount of 2.5 l of clear liquid of your choice (water, juice, tea) remains unchanged, which must be drunk after the laxative to ensure optimal cleaning of the intestine and thus a clear view of the intestinal mucosa during colonoscopy.

Please notify us if you are taking any anticoagulant medication (e.g. Thrombo-Ass®, Plavix®, Clopidogrel, Xarelto®, Marcoumar,...), during the initial conversation.

Colonoscopy takes an average of 30-45 minutes.


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